We collect a small amount of data about teachers and students and how you play the game.

Our Privacy Policy contains all the details of what data we collect, how we store it, transfer it, why we need it and how you can access it.

But it’s a very long document, so here’s what we really think you need to know…


We keep track of how you are playing our games, such as Stick and Split. This helps us:

  • restart the game where you left of
  • improve the games
  • let your teacher know how you are playing and how much you are playing

Your teacher may have told us your name. This is so we can tell them what each student has done. But they may have just given us a short version of your name, your initials, or some other way they can identify you. For example, “student2”.

We need to share this data with companies who help us store the data and allow your teachers to see it.

We may also share this data with researchers from universities. These are people who help us understand whether and how the games are helping you learn. But if we do share this information, we promise not to share your name, or any other way the researchers can know it is from you.


We need your name, email address and your school contact details.

This is so you can log on to our services and see what your students are doing with the games. It also enables us to provide support and billing.

If you play the games, we also store all the above information, as if you were a student.

General information

All data is stored on Amazon AWS services, with industry standard encryption, is password-protected. It is transferred to you through secure web standards including https.

We may be willing to sign your school’s or some other data protection policy. But we’re try hard to keep our prices as low as possible, so please keep it simple! We may reluctantly decline to do so if it is a lot of work for us.

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